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Hermetic by AeresVistaas Hermetic by AeresVistaas
This work originated as a conte crayon self portrait home work assignment that I took some liberty in from my Life Drawing class at FIT, summer of 2007. The original drawing then became the basis of this digitally altered work that I submitted into the Original Face Square Foot show at the MicroCoSM gallery of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Chelsea, New York City.

The theme of the show was to depict one's "Original Face" in a spiritual sense; one's true persona beyond the acquired egoic facets of human consciousness, the bits and pieces of ourselves we take up and learn to emulate over the years of social conditioning and growing up. Basically, who we really are without the superficial trills and facade, without the act. I chose this form to represent this Original Face due to how naturally the entire drawing came to me as I was drawing it, and how strongly I relate to the melding of opposites and mental, mercurial qualities often associated with the symbol of Mercury (at the very top of the figure 8 ).

I placed the Mercury symbol over that of Scorpio to signify my Mercury in Scorpio within my natal chart, the Gemini symbol on my forehead as my Gemini Rising, and the two bars of the Libra symbol behind my head for my Sun sign.

To the left of my head is a Yin symbol for the viewers perspective of the left which usually pertains to Yin qualities of femininity, and Yang to the right for the viewers' perspective and the usual associates of the Yang qualities of masculinity to the Right. The symbol of the Sun is over my right eye since it is a masculine, positive Yang symbol that is quite literally over my personal Right eye, from my perspective as the figure, with that of the Moon over my Left eye in turn. I purposely created this juxtaposition of opposites to illustrate the way our brains function in "reverse"; our Left Hemisphere controls the Right side of our body while our Right Hemisphere controls the Left. At the same time the Left Hemisphere is associated with rational, logical thinking while the Right is associated with intuition and creativity. I incorporated this symbolism into this self portrait because I feel I am one who has been blessed with almost equal access to both portions, both poles.

I am a very cerebral person at heart...while I do appreciate the existence of the body and the emotions, I do like to entertain the notion of the brain, or the Mind, being the seat of Consciousness, in a Hermetic or Buddhist sense.

Overall, the message behind this self portrait is that I myself identify with raw Consciousness, regardless of poles or opposites...this in itself is depicted by the geometric spacious background, a design which originated from my earlier work "Ananda".

- - -

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RebeccaTripp Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
This is just, so, so beautiful and fascinating! It's a beautiful representation of the Hod or Mercury archetype!
zainea Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
man ...i-m a scorpio ,,,as for the mercure simbol ..well i got it tattoed on my ribs ...the symbol of the infinit is tattoed on my left hand ..on my right palm i have the pentagram (not thw one whit the corner pointen down) amd my gf has a half moon tattoed....hmmmm ..coincideces ..coincines....(?) see ya around
AeresVistaas Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010   Digital Artist
I've seen your would be a scorpio ;)

I have no tattoos myself but plan to get something of the sort in the future...thinking about a winged-spinal-caduceus theme for my back so far...or maybe something similar, but more simple, for my heart.

Cya around indeed ^
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June 16, 2009
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